Software for testing market hypotheses
designed for experimenting with financial data.


Experience the stock market backwards and forwards - to truly understand capital generating and competitiveness

Easily test screening hypothesis, event based strategies and news mentions and translate them into portfolio performance.
Analyze how certain news terms affect industries, ETFs, commodities or indexes
Set buying rules with basic statistical concepts to any time series, add sample and analyze the portfolio return
Add any screening criteria (thresholds) to fundamental data and see how finacial ratios affects the portfolio performance
Analyze how historical events have affected the stock market and choose any sample period to analyze
Software that teaches you more about the stock market...

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Access to 19 years of historical data
Transformation tools for time series data
Backtest screening analysis
Backtest events
Portfolio allocation
Evaluation metrics
Create your backtesting library
And much more...

How are we using it & why should you use it?

Easily test market hypothesis.
Sand-boxing strategies
Educational purposes
Testing new ideas